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Fernando Andriacci is a young painter, originally from Cuicatlán, in Oaxaca, Mexico. In his professional training he has dedicated himself to the field of art and his expressions, considering both practical and theoretical notions, but undoubtedly, his participation as a founder of the Workshop of Municipal Plastic Arts and Monumental Painting Rodolfo Nieto, which gives him the necessary impetus to define his way of making art and mark his career as a painter. The operation of the workshop was aimed at the creation of works, usually murals in public spaces and government buildings, so that he enjoyed sufficient freedom to consolidate his own genre.  


In the Oaxaca region he lives and knows an important movement of artistic renovation, in which figures like Francisco Toledo, Rufino Tamayo and Rodolfo Nieto stand out, among others. It is no coincidence that the natural and cultural environment influenced the work of each of them, leaving its mark on Mexican art. Andriacci admits, more than artistic influences, influences that derive from sharing a unique context and space.  


He is distinguished by his work in painting, ceramics and mural work. In his work, animal and vegetable figures predominate, richly adorned with smaller ones and with designs that are inserted into the decorative. The zoomorphic representations become an own bestiary that recreates the dimension of the fantastic.

Creates the images by the union of straight, zigzag, oblique lines, curves that seem to have been drawn independently of color, however, coexist in perfect balance. In the same way, the use of mixed techniques enriches the textures, without neglecting the harmony. His work has gone from variegation to a smaller saturation of space and a search for greater balance in the shades. The composition is a playful space that seems to emerge from the same imaginative wealth as its fellow countrymen. It is a composition related to the narrative, which becomes a window that shows the variety and importance of local traditions. But more than imaginative wealth Andriacci is the possessor and carrier of the cultural richness that characterizes art in this region of the country and with which it transcends the realm of the universal.


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