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Ariel Vargassal was born into a richly mixed culture family. These cultural singularities introduced Ariel to undeniable senses of style. He always leaned towards the arts and when he did not mold small clay sculptures, he turned to countless drawings in his notebook.

Therefore, it was logical that Ariel followed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Mexico. In studying the works of the great artists who preceded him, his passion ignited and his determination proved unstoppable. Upon graduation, Ariel became one of the youngest teachers to teach art at a high school at Mexico City, and had the opportunity to showcase his work in different places, including the prestigious “Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros”.

His first international exhibition was in Salt Lake City, Utah during the Winter Olympic Games as a host of the city, representing the visual arts of Mexico. After this exhibition, Ariel received invitations to showcase his work in area galleries as well as offers elsewhere in the US, so he decided to move to Los Angeles. Vargassal’s work has been seen in various digital publications, books and television programs. In addition, he has been fortunate to work with young Hollywood stars as his models and clients.

Apart from Mexico City, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, Ariel has shown his work in Arizona, San Francisco and New York. He is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association, one of the oldest and most prestigious art associations on the West Coast. He worked with International Curators in early 2013, his work was presented at the International Surrealism of Lisbon, Portugal, and recently received invitations to exhibit in Montreal, Canada (Galerie Gora, contemporary art), Germany (the Contemporary Museum of Berlin) and France.


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