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Miguel Milló

Milló, a Graphic Design graduate from the Iberoamerican University in Tijuana, Mexico, showcased his "Origins" series at Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm in Mexico City. Following a successful exhibition at Peimbert Art Gallery, Milló has held solo shows in prominent cities like New York, Miami, Havana, Manila, Sao Paulo, and Mexico City. His art is acclaimed globally for its vibrant use of color, light, and depiction of the human figure.

Milló's artwork delves into mysticism and depth, particularly evident in the female figures that contemplate human existence. Viewing Milló's work is a visual delight, revealing meticulous craftsmanship, attractive aesthetics, balanced light, perfect forms, and intricate compositions. His strict aesthetic sense, coupled with his masterful use of color against dark backgrounds, underscores humanity's perpetual journey of reinvention.


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