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Miki (Guillermo Gutiérrez) was born in Mexico, D.F. in 1956. He is a self-taught sculptor.

In 1980 he completed an MBA at San Diego National University and in 1988 the AD2 at IPADE. He worked in María Luisa Palma's workshop. It has more than 55 solo exhibitions and more than 120 collective ones, among which stand out: Opera Gallery NY, San Pedro Art Museum, Aura Galleries, Poblano Cultural Institute, Museum of Fine Arts of San Luis Potosí, Museum of Independence, MUTEC, Santa Rosa Museum, Multiple Gallery, Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Jardín Borda Cultural Center, Opera Gallery Miami, Tlaxcala Art Museum, Fundidora Monterrey Park and Museum of Contemporary Art at Ateneo de Yucatán. Currently his work is exhibited in Singapore, Vail, San Diego, Miami, New York, Beirut, Dubai, Madrid, Paris, London and Monaco.


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