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Salvador Jaramillo

Born in march 6th, 1969, in Tizapán, Mexico City. In the year 1976 his father begins to work with his nephew Felipe Castañeda, who, at the same time, was working for Francisco Zuñiga, making small marble sculptures.

This is how Salvador Jaramillo started to assist his father in preparing the marble blocks to work on the piece, little by little he developed an interest for the sculpture, thus he decided to search for job opportunities with several artists in order to learn more about stone and wood carving, among those artists were Francisco Zuñiga, Fidencio Castillo, Ignacio and Victor Hugo Castañeda. While studying drawing and painting at the "La Esmeralda" school he met the sculptor Armando Amaya, who introduced him into modeling. While still working for Felipe Castañeda he met sculpture professor Rafael Guerrero, who taught him the fundamentals of art. His love and passion for art was inspired by all the artist mentioned before.


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