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Xevi Vilaró

Xevi Vilaró's work reveals a profound truth: our legacy is the only thing that will endure beyond us. Sensitized to environmental issues, Vilaró channels intense protest through his creativity, presenting powerful images that prompt reflection on our societal roles. Through hieratic characters, he questions the future we are shaping. His art portrays monkeys in plague masks, people behind gas masks, and mutated forms, offering apocalyptic warnings alongside glimmers of hope.

Vilaró's paintings embody contrasting beauty, impacting the senses with vivid forms and colors. Utilizing oil on methacrylate, he communicates his emotions with honesty and transparency, sharing concerns through his self-taught, emotionally charged creations. Xevi Vilaró emerges as an artist who communicates through a unique visual language, inviting us to contemplate our collective path forward.


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