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Painter. He was born on March 9, 1950 in the town called Huehuetán, belonging to the municipality of Azoyú, region of the Costa Chica of the state of Guerrero. His parents: Arnulfo García and Amelia Jarquín.

As a child who was studying elementary studies was required to suspend them because of the death of his father. Of peasant origin -but endowed with great sensitivity-, at 22 years of age he changes the tools of farming by brushes; when leaving his town he moves to Acapulco and - although he starts as a bricklayer to survive - little by little he adapts easily, and in a short time becomes a seller of instant paintings on the boardwalk, a painter of watercolors that he performs with innate skill , and are acquired without haggling by tourists. His paintings go around the world. In his landscapes the flowers and the women persist; but this one not carrier of eroticism, but as a collector of flowers.


The paintings have a special stamp that has allowed him to be known and recognized. As a child he looked at the women of his town, slender and firm as parotas; leafy and upright like palm trees; of smooth and levitated walking, with a tray of flowers on the head; of humble and phosphorescent clothes, with firm hands and without apparent movement.


Paints eight to ten hours a day. He does not know how many works he has painted. Today the Casianos cover the walls of Mexican galleries in the United States, France, Holland, Germany, etc., where the paintings, the flowery fields shine in all their splendor. "Similar to growing flowers, is painting them ..." In the XXVIII World Congress of Poets (WCP) held in the Port of Acapulco, on October 12, 2008, he received the first place in the visual exhibition "Visual Poetry", in which 21 artists from different parts of the world participated, among them several guerrerenses; the winning work was Valley and flowers.


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