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Coderch & Malavia is the common project of two Spanish sculptors, Joan Coderch and Javier Malavia.

The first was born in 1959 and graduated the Beaux-Arts in Barcelona. The second one, born 1970, graduated the Beaux-Arts in Valencia.

A Spanish company of porcelain sculpture, in which both worked, gathered them. In 2015, they launch into an artistic project together. Since then, both artists live and work in Valencia. Their sculptures, representational, borrow from themes of preference of both artists, in particular the theater and the bullfight, the mythology…. The man, the life, is the central element of their realizations. As a consequence of this choice, the beautiful part of their realizations is made for the movement, making their sculptures particularly meaning. In spite of the youth of their common project, Coderch & Malavia participated in more than 15 collective and individual exhibitions; obtained several selections and prizes in competitions and some from their works are now a part of private collections in various countries of Europe, of Asia and America.


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