Without a doubt, Carlos Agustín is a prolific visual artist, and this can be seen in his various Creative post: sculpture (the best known), photography and painting. In fact, he considers himself as a multidisciplinary creator. It must be said that right now he is working on an artistic book that includes photographs with the theme of the female nude: Iconoclasias, a title that defines the character and concept of this work, which puts into question the canon of Western beauty.


Of Carlos Agustín presumably an extremely calculating, perfect eye. A framing from which it is impossible to leave to maintain the exact line. This happens to him in all his inventive areas; However, it is in the sculpture that its need for precision is more clearly distinguished, since both the forms and the material used make reference to the purity of the total figure; just as the creator indicates: "change of trend is something natural in every artist", something that he names "search stages". This happens after a long career, since 1979 he has had solo exhibitions and participated in more than 120 collective exhibitions, where his inclination towards the abstract-geometric is appreciated. 1979 indicates the year of his first important exhibition, his first prize. "They gave me unanimous honorable mention in the National Salon - Triennial Sculpture Section, and there I realized that that was my way: the geometric sculpture".


Carlos Agustín creates sculptures of all sizes: small, medium, large, even monumental. As for the last ones, it is worth mentioning that one that is inside the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel in Mexico City, Votiva, with approximately 10 meters high; and Wind I and II return, the first one is in the National Polytechnic Institute, and the second one is located in Grand Polanco, with 22 meters of height. Other examples of his monumental sculptures are in Torreón, Toluca and several other places.


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