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Sculptor John Brown is known for his figurative artworks which celebrate the human form and spirit. Brown worked as a sculptor for several years in Hollywood on some well-known films prior to leaving the entertainment business to pursue a career in figurative art. His bronze sculptures now reside in private collections throughout the U.S., including a commissioned bronze monument for a private community in South Carolina. "Sculpture for me has always been about representing the consciousness of humanity....some things are obviously beautiful upon first glance and other things you have have to look a little more closely to appreciate.....usually, our most difficult moments"  

His sculptures have been featured in: 

Sculptural Pursuit magazine (Summer/Fall 2005) 

Space magazine (Feb 2005 & Oct 2006),

Sculpture Review (Autumn 2009),

and Save the Date magazine (January 2005)

He teaches sculpture in Los Angeles and is the author of 10 sculpture training DVD’s sold world-wide.  


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