Juan Sebastián Barbera is an artist from Mexico and was born in 1964. He graduated from the Visual arts school at the National University of Mexico (UNAM), he finished his training with industrial design from the Independent metropolitan university in Mexico (UAM).

He was brought up in a background with music and art. Juan Sebastián Barbera developed a unique expressionist style, inspired by great masters like Picasso, Orozco and Schiele. He is known as the "Mexican Picasso", Barbera addresses various subjects like love, eroticism, perversion, possession, loneliness and sadness through his human figures, which are often feminine nudes. His compositions are made up of pure lines combining dreams and reality, intimacy and universal.

His work has been presented in more than thirty individual and collective exhibitions in France, India, Mexico, USA and Spain but also around the world which led to books like « Incantations » (Spain) and « Almost an object » (Mexico). Juan Sebastián Barbera took part in several international projects « Periolibros » and « Iberoamérica Pinta » (1997-1998) promoted by UNESCO and won the international competition namely « Juguete Arte Objeto » in Mexico in 1995.


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