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Luigi Fantini (1982) was born in Mexico City, in the bosom of an Italo-Mexican family. He began his artistic career when he was 15 years old, when he explored graffiti as an artistic manifestation. Being a recognized graffiti artist at that time, he decided to change his technique and professionalize his passion. He studied Visual Communication while training self-taught with master sculptors and painters.


He found in hyperrealism, his way of artistic expression. Over the years, his technique has matured and has worked from different conceptual perspectives and with different materials such as wood, encaustic, fabric and various paintings. His style is full of eroticism, melancholy and seduction with touches of perversity almost adolescent.


Currently his work is manifested in an eclectic and innovative style merging the techniques that have positioned him as an internationally recognized artist, without neglecting the passion that is reflected in each of them, visually and through satirical messages. utopian of the current reality.


The work of Luigi Fantini has been auctioned and exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions in various venues.


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