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Milló studied Graphic Design at the Iberoamerican University in Tijuana, Mexico. Has exhibited his series “Origins” at Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm in Mexico City. Since his last permanent exhibition at Peimbert Art Gallery Milló has had solo exhibits in New York, Miami, Havana, Manila, Sao Paulo and Mexico City. Milló’s art is now internationally recognized for his use of color, light and the human figure. 

Mysticism, deepness, are disclosed in the look of the female bodies that observe and witness our own existence. To gaze at Millo's work is in another way a joy to the eye, we can see an impecable job full of atractiveness, balance of light, perfect bodies and complex compositions with a strick aesthetics -besides color- that reises from the darkness of the backround reminds us that we are destined as a species to our eternal reinvention.


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