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He studies Industrial and Graphic Design at The Iberoamericana University. 

Although his approach to Art is basically self-taught, he participates in different workshops such as: Drawing and painting by the teacher Subizarreta, and other technical courses on acrylic and epoxy resins, as well as polyester and sculpture. 

From a very young age, he devotes himself to painting and art-object. He designs Scenography (props), Still Life and special effects in advertising photography. 

From 1992, he works in interior design for bars, restaurants, and houses.

In 1993 he starts a furniture design company for houses, continuing at the same time with his work in painting and sculpture. 

He has lived in Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, since 1999. From this year on, he has worked exclusively on painting. 

His work has been mainly abstract. However, he recently closed this cycle and went back to figurative painting, working with it in a very synthetic way. He uses many different and varied techniques to perform it. These techniques go from oil and encaustic, to acrylics and epoxy resins. 

Presently, his main technique is encaustic. His work has been shown in Miami, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Mexico. 

In 2010 he opens an Art Gallery in Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, where he shows other artist’s works as well. 

In 2015 he opens an Art Gallery in Avándaro, State of Mexico.

Paris, London, Milan, Amsterdam, New York and Los Angeles.


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